QB Jackson admits it's time for a change

Tarvaris Jackson (Tom Dahlin/Viking Update)

When the Vikings drafted Christian Ponder and gave him the No. 7 jersey, Tarvaris Jackson's fate was all but sealed. He seems fully resigned to the fact that "it's probably time for a change." Plus, get news and notes from some of most recognizable players in the league right now.

QB Tarvaris Jackson expects to move on from the Vikings once the lockout ends.

Jackson told the Minneapolis Star Tribune, "It's probably time for a change. I'm grateful for the opportunity to play up here the last five years. (But) I'm not trying to be a backup. I'm trying to go somewhere where I have a chance, and I don't feel like I'd get that chance here. It's time to move on. No hard feelings or anything. It's a business."

The Vikings selected quarterback Christian Ponder with the 12th overall choice in April's draft, a move that took many by surprise, including the team's fans.

Jackson told the paper he was never accepted by the fan base. "Since Day 1, I don't really think I was really welcome here anyways, because nobody really knew who I was, being from a smaller school (Alabama State)," said Jackson. "A lot more things probably play into it, too. It's just the way things are. I can't help that.

"Just the way things happened, like the way I was thrown into there, the way where it was me or Brett (Favre) or all this stuff. Just a lot of different things played into it that kind of soured our relationship. Fans are going to be fans."

Jackson said he hopes to get a fresh start in the NFL, like he did in college when he changed schools.

"This reminds me of me transferring from Arkansas to Alabama State," he said. "Like (I have a) sour taste left in my mouth. It really, really motivated me to try to get to the NFL, and it really motivated me to try to be the best. I think this situation, the ways things happened here, it adds a lot of fuel to the fire."

  • WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh didn't have a productive season in 2010 after he was signed by the Baltimore Ravens. In addition, things ended badly when he dropped a pass that effectively ended the team's championship hopes.

    He told the Carroll County Times, "I wish things had ended better. I'm not a guy who drops the ball, but I dropped a ball that really matters. Last year was a really bad year for me on the field."

    Knowing he won't be brought back by the Ravens, Houshmandzadeh nonetheless vowed to be a good player again.

    "The last two years have been the most disappointing years I've had," he said. "I know people will say I can't play no more. If I get to the right team, I'll shock a lot of people.

    "I wish I could come back (to Baltimore), but I know the dynamic and how it works. Not playing as much, I didn't know how to handle it. People in the media think, ?He's complaining,' but I was learning how to handle something new. It was an adjustment for me."

  • QB Carson Palmer isn't waiting for the Bengals to move him out of Cincinnati via trade. At least, it wouldn't appear that way.

    Palmer solid his five-bedroom home in Indian Hill for $1.915 million, according to Cincinnati.com, which said a local buyer closed on the purchase of the home, listed for $2.1 million for more than 90 days, late Tuesday (June 28).

    Palmer is entering his ninth pro season but has demanded the Bengals trade or release him. If they don't, Palmer said he'll file his retirement papers with the NFL and walk away from a base salary of $11.5 million this season and the four total years left on the deal.

    The Bengals drafted a quarterback in the second round, TCU's Andy Dalton, and owner Mike Brown repeatedly has taken the position that the franchise isn't planning to accomodate trade demands from any player.

    Palmer, the No. 1 overall draft pick in 2003, bought the home and the five acres of property it stands on in the Cincinnati area for just over $2 million in 2003.

  • WR Chad Ochocinco responded to comments made recently by Bengals owner Mike Brown regarding what Ochocinco has been doing in the offseason. The wide receiver said, "Mr. Brown, it's a lockout. Therefore I can do whatever I please."

    Ochocinco then wondered if coach Marvin Lewis will take Brown's side.

    Said Ochocinco, "Hopefully Marvin is doing this maybe to help me out. Maybe he is trying to cause friction between himself and me. Maybe he doesn't like me for real. If he doesn't like me, well, I don't like him either. Maybe he's doing this to help the situation out. Maybe he's trying to do this to show Mike Brown I don't think I can coincide with Chad, but damn it I can't coincide with him either, and if he really feels that way when I see him I'm going to whoop his ass."

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