Fine likely coming for Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams (Joe Robbins/Getty)

Kevin Williams' shot to the chops of Chicago QB Jay Cutler will likely cost him. After missing payment for the first four games of the season, the hits to Williams' pay keep coming.

NFL players get their lockers filled with various items from the outside on a regular basis. There is fan mail. Occasionally, there is hate mail. There are items that have been items ordered by the players. There are items, whether wanted or unwanted, sent to the players by people from outside Winter Park.

Then there are FedEx letters.

The NFL officially informs players of league-imposed fines via FedEx letters – the business equivalent of having some oily process server tapping you with papers informing you that you are accused of wrongdoing.

In the case of Kevin Williams, it wouldn't appear to be whether the FedEx is coming, it's how heavy is it going to be?

In the second half of the Vikings loss to Chicago, Williams let loose a little pent up aggression in the general vicinity of Jay Cutler's chin strap. Thanks to the mega-pixilation of Hi-Def TV, it was clear that Cutler took a shot to the chops with a little less than two minutes remaining in the third quarter from what, in a purely layman's perspective, (allegedly) appeared to be the crown of Kevin's helmet.

Thanks to slow motion capability of moving pictures these days, it seems clear the FedEx envelope is coming. The question is how much?

Williams has been a thorn in the NFL's side since the StarCaps days, which, in hindsight, seems like a decade ago. He was able to successfully put the NFL on notice that its policies could be subject to state employment laws. He and Pat Williams (through their savvy attorneys) put the dictatorial edicts from the NFL as gospel into question.

Typical fines are in the $7,500 to $15,000 range for unnecessary roughness penalties. However, the NFL invested millions of dollars in fighting the preserve their judge-and-jury domain over players – ironically to prevent actual judges and juries to affirm or disallow their power. Will Kevin get a $10,000 fine? He doesn't have a history of play-related fines anyway. He should start at the lowest level of fines for roughing the passer infractions.

How high will it go? $10,000? $20,000? We'll find out later this week. But, one thing seems clear: There is a FedEx envelope coming.


  • One of the changes made by Leslie Frazier is to introduce one side of the ball – offense or defense – heading into games. That was something Brad Childress just didn't get – introducing Percy Harvin, (briefly) Randy Moss, Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre last year would have exploded the heads of many hard-core face-painting Vikings fans. With Christian Ponder set to start, the offense will have to be introduced Sunday.

  • The timing of the potential special session for the days prior to Thanksgiving could be good for Vikings fans. Legislators from the hinterland of Minnesota may not make the voyage down to St. Paul for the session, which is being proposed to run through Wednesday afternoon of Thanksgiving week. Votes are votes and some missing "no" votes are potentially positive for the Vikings' cause.

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