Peterson to fantasy owners: ‘Go kick rocks'

Adrian Peterson (Brace Hemmelgarn/US Presswire)

Apparently some of Adrian Peterson's fantasy football owners were giving him a hard time after Sunday's loss. Peterson wasn't happy with getting only 10 carries, but comments from his fantasy football owners led to him telling them to "go kick rocks" while telling his "true fans" he appreciated their support.

Within an hour of the Minnesota Vikings' 42-20 loss to the New Orleans Saints Sunday afternoon, star running back Adrian Peterson was one of several players expressing frustration over the loss.

In Peterson's case, the Pro Bowl running back felt underused. After missing three games with a high ankle sprain, Peterson rushed only 10 times for 60 yards. But he wasn't the only one upset with his lack of carries. Apparently his fantasy football owners were giving him a hard time on Twitter, too.

"Some of these FF owners! Don't have no sense at all!" Peterson wrote on his verified Twitter account a few hours after the loss. "To all my true fans out there, appreciate the support, and everybody else go kick rocks!"

During his weekly media session last Thursday, Peterson assured fantasy football owners he would play.

"They've been giving me a hard time, like ‘Should we play you this week?' and ‘Please!' and ‘I'll send my wife down to visit with you if you play,'" Peterson said. "There were times I was like, ‘Wow!' Some of the stuff I read on (Twitter) was crazy. It was funny."

It wasn't so funny after Peterson played with tenderness in his ankle and said he had it twisted by one Saints player after the whistle. Peterson said after the game he wasn't happy with only 10 carries.

"I was upset (with 10 carries) a little bit, fight to get back, but we got down so we had to start passing the ball a little more. So it was more understandable then. I don't know what goes through the coaches' mind," Peterson said.

"They knew I had the injury, so maybe on different plays they wanted to keep me out. I'm sure they didn't expect the game to get out of hand like it did, so I'm sure they had a strategy in mind, too. Unfortunately, we got down and when we did, when we got behind, it happened pretty quick."

Fantasy football owners and Peterson were warned days before the game that his carries could be limited. Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said Friday that Peterson would likely play but he might not get a full workload after coming off his high ankle sprain.

Apparently some of the outspoken fantasy football owners were even more frustrated than Peterson after he didn't score a touchdown and his backup, Toby Gerhart, scored two receiving touchdowns.

"To bad I didn't predict we would be down by 21 in the 3rd Q. Can't run the ball down by twenty1! But it is what it is! Draft me or not!" Peterson tweeted.

"I could careless. Just being real! I am going to do what I do regardless of what ur negative souls think."

Peterson still ended up getting more than half of the team's total carries. Gerhart rushed only twice, and as a team the Vikings ran the ball only 18 times as they got behind 21-13 in the second quarter, a deficit that stretched to 42-13 by early in the fourth quarter.

Earlier this season, former Vikings receiver Bernard Berrian had an infamous Twitter exchange with a politician and Iraqi war veteran who lost his legs serving. After Rep. John Kriesel tweeted, "If you want to follow a hilarious twitter account, try @B_Twice (Bernard Berrian) who says that he's open a lot and should get the ball more," Berrian fired back that Kriesel should "sit down n shut up."

That exchange became a national story, in part because Kreisel is also a supporter of the Vikings' quest for a new stadium. (Berrian said he didn't know Kriesel was a politician or a war veteran.)

On Sunday, Peterson also ended up tweeting with Berrian, who was released from the Vikings in October, after Sunday's game.

"I had to catch myself for a minute bruh! I was about to go for raw after seeing these ignorant commits. LOL," Peterson tweeted to Berrian.

Berrian responded: "You good everyone knows your ride or die. We dont call you "All Day" for no reason!!"

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