Favre on bounties: ‘I really don't care'

Brett Favre (John David Mercer/US Presswire)

Brett Favre told NFL Network that he doesn't care about the alleged bounty in the 2009 NFC Championship Game and was simply upset the Vikings didn't win it.

The longer Brett Favre stays retired, the more I miss him. The Vikings had the "old Favre," but, when history is repeated (and in the NFL, history takes on epic Paul Bunyan-type proportions), the 2009 Favre will be the one on which the inevitable TV movie will put a significant focus.

The Vikings media got the defiant Favre. He came to Minnesota wanting to stick it to Ted Thompson. He had something left in the tank. He was rusty at the start – the first couple of games in 2009 the Vikings won despite Favre, not because of him. But, once he got on a roll, the Favre aura spread through Minnesota like a good virus (and through Wisconsin like an aggressive cancer). Had Favre played for Detroit, few ‘Sconnies would have been salty, but the Vikings? The only thing worse would have been signing with the Bears. Trust me, if the Bears had known Favre was available, they would have offered Thompson "Herschel Part II" trade that would have raised eyebrows (and jersey sales).

The Favre legend added an unintended chapter when it became apparent that the Saints had put a price on his head (or ankle) in the Bountygate scandal. In his first extended interview with NFL Network, conducted by Deion Sanders (an ego so large it has its own congressman), Favre said he hears about it all the time from the folks in Kiln, Miss.

"People ask me about it at home (in Mississippi), because everyone back home is a Saints fan," Favre said. "I grew up a Saints fan – an hour away from the Superdome."

Many can't believe that the Saints would put a bounty on Favre, despite a mountain of evidence to contrary. Favre's take on the scandal was summed up like only Favre could – with a defiant "so what?"

"My feeling – and I mean this wholeheartedly – is that I really don't care," Favre said. "What bothers me is that we didn't win the game. They didn't take me out of the game. They came close, but a lot of people have come close. I'm too stubborn to come out. Plus, that was kind of a big game. I'm not going to sit the last three minutes. I'm going to go out there with bones sticking out of my skin. I'm going to finish it."

Before being allowed to finish his thought – thanks more to the interviewer being Sanders, who is Favre's equal in his love of talking football (and of himself) when cameras are rolling – Favre once again expounded on his true feelings, saying, "I'm just upset we didn't win."

The full interview is going to air on NFL Network sometime this coming week and if the teaser portion of the interview is any indication, fans should get their popcorn ready. It sounds like it will be vintage Favre.

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