Former Viking the voice of Bountygate?

Remi Ayodele (Hannah Foslien/Getty)

The NFL has been accusing Anthony Hargrove of being the voice requesting money for a bounty hit, but it might have been former Viking Remi Ayodele, according to Pro Football Talk.

The Bountygate scandal has taken an interesting turn as the release of what was supposedly the smoking gun in the Anthony Hargrove suspension has been turned on its head by the CSI types of forensic tape breakdown

The smoking gun was sideline film allegedly showing Hargrove, the former Saints defensive lineman saying, "Give me my money" following a hit on former Vikings quarterback Brett Favre in the 2009 NFC Championship Game. Saints defensive players were being told Favre may have a broken leg. The problem was two-fold – Hargrove didn't actually make the hit in question that would make him able to collect the bounty and the guy who did is front and center on the video.

There is growing support for the rumor that former Viking Remi Ayodele, who was the "high" in the high-low hit that injured Favre, is actually the one who said "give me my money." Several Saints players have told that they believe Ayodele was in fact the culprit in question.

Remi Ayodele celebrates his hit on Brett Favre.
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It makes sense that it would be Ayodele who made the comment, since he was in line to collect the bounty as being one of the two players who actually sent Favre hobbling to the sideline. As part of its background information released to support the suspensions of the Saints players involved in the incident, the sideline tape was viewed as damning evidence against Hargrove. But, after further review, it appears to do more to incriminate Ayodele and less to incriminate Hargrove, who is now with the Packers.

Ayodele's agent, Jordan Woy, said in an e-mail to PFT that Ayodele doesn't know who made the "give me my money" statement and claimed to not know the context of the statement.

Ayodele, despite being clearly the player who hit Favre in the head while he was simultaneously being hit low, was left off the list of players suspended by the league for their involvement in the Bountygate scandal. Ayodele was subsequently hired by the Vikings following the end of the lockout last year and was coy about his involvement in the injuring of Favre.

Whether the Vikings knew about Ayodele's involvement in the Bountygate scandal or not, the timing of Ayodele's release from the Vikings coincided with the day the Bountygate scandal first broke earlier this year. He and his agent have maintained his innocence, but the evidence appears to be more damning to him than to Hargrove.

It's unclear whether the new evidence against Ayodele will re-open the investigation or not. The NFL wants desperately for the scandal to go away, but it doesn't appear to be happening any time soon and, with Ayodele now front and center of the onslaught of finger-pointing, it has taken a new, unexpected twist that makes his tenure with the Vikings even more sinister.

Most people believe Ayodele's release had nothing to do with his alleged role in the Bountygate scandal. His release was more likely because he didn't perform adequately when he joined the Vikings and was never a good fit in the defense, but, in light of the new accusations, his release makes sense on more levels. Whether the Vikings realized his involvement or not, it's probably a good thing Ayodele is no longer with the Vikings because, as media skeptics break down the NFL's Zapruder film, it may have been Ayodele who is the man making the infamous "give me my money" remarks.

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