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NFL draft: Grading the underclassmen by round

Brandin Cooks (Marco Garcia/USA TODAY)

Since the CBA went in effect in 2011, more and more underclassmen have entered the draft early. That's no guarantee of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: This year's draft includes a record 98 underclassmen; a scout said perhaps one-third of those won't be selected and we have the projected grades for those that will.

As of Friday, the league had 98 underclassmen confident in their ability to play at the next level. That list does not include four other underclassmen that have graduated ahead of schedule. Like most of the recent drafts, scouts are anticipating that a good portion of these athletes will be in for a huge disappointment when their names are not called on draft day. The high amount of "not ready... Recommended Stories