Notebook: Picks now part of Vikings’ tricks

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The Vikings were one of the worst teams in the league last year intercepting passes by several measures. That has changed this preseason.

Sometimes, decimal points only add to the clutter. In the case of the Minnesota Vikings’ interception rate last year, the decimal points are a necessary start to the stat. Last year, the Vikings averaged three-quarters of an interception a game – not three, but three-quarters: 0.75 interceptions per game. That’s why Saturday’s 30-12 win over the Kansas City Chiefs has to be viewed as more than just a “meaningless” win in an “exhibition” game. It wasn’t the final score, but how they got there that mattered to the surviving defenders of last year’s nightmare finishes. It was more proof that head coach Mike Zimmer’s defense is going to be aggressive. And if they follow suit from what is generally considered the dress rehearsal for the regular season, the Vikings’ interception numbers might no longer be laughable. They have added players. They have added playmakers. And they have stacked blitz upon blitz. “We got five sacks, but I thought we could have had quite a few more if we...