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Lurtsema's Reaction: Defensive Disappointments

Lurtsema's Reaction: Defensive Disappointments

After a 27-16 win over Kansas City Friday night, you might think a positive guy like Bob Lurtsema might be gushing about the Vikings' preseason opener. Hardly. While he liked some of what he saw on offense, the former Vikings defensive linemen found plenty of flaws in their defense.

VU: Can you just start out with your general impressions of the game from Friday night? BL: It was truly exciting to see the first touchdown scored this season without Randy Moss on a Nate Burleson second-effort type situation. I don't think Randy Moss would have continued his route the way Nate Burleson did. When the play broke down, Daunte Culpepper rolled out to his left, so your routes are no... Recommended Stories

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