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Adam Caplan draft chat transcript

Adam Caplan's Adam Caplan believes he's got a good bead on the Vikings' targets in the first and second round. Who are they? Subscribers can find out inside, as well as getting his sleeper for the draft and his opinions on other possibilities and those the Vikings won't take.

vikingspub: OK, I've got 9 p.m. Fire away for Adam. Please allow him to catch up as we go. Thanks. adamcaplan: Hi folks. gomba45: Hey Adam, who is the Vikes' pick at 22 in your eyes. Please don't say Eben Britton. adamcaplan: GO: WR-Hakeem Nicks or Kenny Britt, or a surprise pick of a CB. Or Britton. adamcaplan: I'm told they are very serious about taking Phil Loadholt as their RT in round two... Recommended Stories