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    Winter Park Whispers/VU Insiders

    A forum for interaction between VikingUpdate.com subscribers and Viking Update staff. This is where we post quick updates and is the place for Vikings fans to ask questions of the staff or post your well-informed opinions on the team.

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    15 hours ago by: EricOslund

    Purple Thoughts

    The busiest board in the best Vikings community. Come join the discussion and see what thousands of Vikings fans are talking about.

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    2 minutes ago by: eternalpurple

    Draft Drooling

    Draftniks, unite! Here is your chance to start talking about next year's NFL draft before this season is even over. Get it started now and get it started loud. Who do you think is the best player available ... or just the best one for the Vikings?

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    a month ago by: ULTIMATECARDSFAN57
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    Locker Room

    A place to get to know your fellow posters, share photos and stories about yourself.

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    11 hours ago by: wisdocvike

    Tickets, Tapes and More Swap Meet

    Got tickets, game tapes or other Vikings memorabia you'd like to swap for something else? Post your inquiries and community classifieds here. No businesses, please. This is strictly a trading service for Vikings fans.

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    a month ago by: mcvikes

    Game Day Forum

    This is the place to meet during the game. Go ahead, rant or celebrate each intense moment as you view the game with your keyboard at your fingertips.

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    a month ago by: dtviking88

    Fantasy Forum

    We know many of you play fantasy football, so why not bounce your lineup changes, cuts and trade proposals past others you trust in the community? See what they think of your efforts to gain a competitive advantage ... or just brag about what a genius you are.

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    8 days ago by: EricOslund
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    Viking Update Archive #1

    A collection of threads from 1/8/07 to ?????

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    3 days ago by: jarheadvikesfan
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    Help Station/Test Center

    Find instructions on how to use these forums to their fullest, and test your profile features here to help keep the other forum on topic.

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